Care Groups

The primary goal of Care Groups is to care for one another in smaller personal communities that give grace to another so that we can both experience the love of God for healing and then share it with outsiders. Since the Christian life was not designed to be lived alone or in isolation, we are committed to pursuing trusting, authentic, and loving relationships with one another weekly so that we can meet one another’s needs. We also want to be devoted to praying with and for one another. Our groups are focused on helping each other apply God’s Word to everyday life. So we ask each other, “how, when, where, who & why” in order to accomplish this goal. As we grow in personal wholeness, our groups will then be able to share the love of God in practical ways with outsiders so that they too may come to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Care Groups typically meet in homes weekly from late August to May so that we can start afresh each year.

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