LiveWires (5th & 6th Grades)

For Preteens:

Sunday Mornings:  We recognize that children at this age are beginning to ask “Why” Questions. During these years for our Sunday school teaching time,  we move from the Narrative study of the Bible to the study of Doctrines to help children understand what we believe, and why we believe it.  We also know that children this age are eager to serve. We provide them with the opportunity during our 11 am service to serve as leaders in our Praisezone program, with a small group to delve more deeply into the topical studies. When they enter 6th grade, they also have the opportunity to begin to serve as student helpers in our preschool and nursery classrooms.

Outside of Sunday morning:  On the first Sunday of each month, we offer a special time of food, teaching and fun called PowerSurge. We take this time to grapple with topics that are relevant to the kids. For instance, how does my faith affect my choices in friends, media and music?

Throughout the year we offer various times that the kids can come together and serve our church and the community.

For Parents and Families:

These are important years in the life of your child as they prepare to enter their teen year. . We come alongside parent and help equip and support you as you help guide and lead them through this time.  We provide various times of special parent/child equipping times to help facilitate communication and fellowship as you go move through these years.

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